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Nashville TV Spoilers: What to Expect in Season 1, Episode 14

Nashville went away for a week, and is about to disappear for another couple weeks after tonight’s Season 1, Episode 14, “Dear Brother.” But before it goes off into the abyss of a two week hiatus, we’ve got a lot of ground to cover. Here’s a roundup of all the spoilers and tidbits we’ve gleaned about the hugely exciting episode:

Official Synopsis for Nashville Season 1, Episode 14: "Dear Brother"
It’s more than just a birthday party for Deacon (Charles Esten) and a huge escapade for Juliette (Hayden Panettiere) — it’s also the moment when everything might change for one pair.

Nashville Promo for Season 1, Episode 14 "Dear Brother" — Unwelcome Surprises
Guns and masks and a little confrontation or six... Sounds like a party indeed!

Nashville Spoiler: Juliette Barnes and Gunnar Scott Get Close in Episode 14
Whether it’s our imaginations running wild, or a thousand words of truth, this photo seems pretty suspicious...

Nashville Season 1 Episode 14 "Dear Brother" — Rayna Steals Juliette's Mojo
Juliette threw the party, so why is Rayna(Connie Britton) the one on Deacon’s mind?

Nashville Season 1 Episode 14 "Dear Brother" Episodic Photos — Teddy's Sketchy Dealings
Teddy (Eric Close) sure has been busy — not only does he face off with Lamar Wyatt (Powers Boothe), he also makes Coleman Carlisle (Robert Wisdom) a very happy man. Is he offering him a job?

Nashville Season 1 Episode 14 Sneak Peek — Peggy and Teddy's Office Tryst
There are definitely perks to being the man in charge...

Nashville Season 1 Episode 14 Sneak Peek — Rayna Confronts Teddy
It’s gotta be awkward when your daughter is the one telling you about your husband’s dealings...

Nashville Season 1 Episode 14 Sneak Peek — Rayna's Scandalous Secrets
Those pesky paparazzi aren’t the only ones getting in Rayna’s bidness...

Nashville Season 1 Episode 14 Sneak Peek — Rayna Serenades Deacon
It’s like no one else is there...

Nashville Season 1 Episode 14 Sneak Peek — Rayna and Deacon's Intimate Moment
No, but actually, no one else is there.

Oh, and also, Hayden Panettiere may sing “Fame,” and Gunnar has a gun...nar.