Credit: Andrew Eccles/ ABC Family    
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Spoiler: Does Toby’s Tattoo Prove He’s Not Dead?

Eagle-eyed fans have found yet another clue in the Toby Can’t Be Dead! crusade. The Pretty Little Liars Theories Tumblr page posted this photo comparison of Toby’s tattoo as previously seen on the show vs. the one seen on the body in last night’s episode. As you can see, the placement is just a little bit off.

Now, this could just be a slip-up of the PLL production department, but we’re more inclined to believe that it was Mona who messed up when temporary-tattooing the “9.01 free at last” onto that corpse. Geez. Television tattoos haven’t been this important since Michael Scofield covered his torso with prison blueprints in Prison Break!

One thing we are sure of: Keegan Allen’s bod is seriously toned. Obviously, we’ve noticed this during one of the many excuses Toby found to take off his shirt before, but when we can use someone’s abdominal muscles to pinpoint the exact location of a tattoo, we’ve reached a whole new level of certainty.

Do you think Toby is alive? If so, whose body did Spencer find? Check out the tattoo abelow and let us know in the comments!

Credit: ABC Family    

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