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The Bachelorette

Should Sean Pick Catherine? Why Trista Sutter Says YES!

Bachelor Nation's Queen Bee is once again gracing us with her glorious presence! Yep, America's first-ever Bachelorette, Trista Sutter, has stepped back into the spotlight to blog about Sean Lowe's season of The Bachelor, and it looks like she's picked a winner.

"Just as Lindsay [Yenter] and Sean [Lowe] reminded me of my love story with Ryan in last Monday’s episode, Catherine [Giudici] and Sean did in this week’s," Trista writes in her Parade blog. "WOW! The way he gushed about her and what she shared with him about being the only one in their relationship doing the sharing, hit home. Now, Lindsay and Catherine have both reminded me of Ryan. Wonder who it will be?!!!”

First of all, we love that fact that Trista is measuring up Sean's relationships against her own love-connection with Ryan. Basically, anyone who doesn't remind her of the good ol' days can step to the left. But who does Trista think Sean should pic?

"Catherine’s date came along and Sean kept saying that he’s been thinking about her a LOT and can’t get her out of his mind and those little words change my mind, once again, to the final rose recipient as Catherine," she says. "In trying to find your true love in this way, choose the one who you can’t live without… The one who is always on your mind, because that won’t change when cameras go away."

Sage words, Trista. Sage words. In fact, we're going to peace out and prison tattoo this full quote across our stomachs — right underneath our decorative belly button piercing in the shape of Sean's face.

Do you think Catherine is the right girl for sean? Sound off below and tell us if you agree with Trista!

Source: Parade