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Jersey Shore

Snooki Reveals Baby Lorenzo’s Crazy Nicknames! (VIDEO)

Watching Snooki raise her son, Lorenzo, on Snooki & JWOWW has been filled with adorable moments that have made us want to laugh and cry. After a long and intense labor, Snooki’s first words to her new baby were, “Hi Lorenzo! I love you!” and she’s been cooing over him for six happy months.

Being the cutie with crazy vocabulary that she is, Snooks and fiancé Jionni LaValle have a ton of nicknames for their little baby meatball, and in a recent clip from Snooki & JWOWW, you can catch a bunch of them.

In the span of just one minute, Snooki reveals some of the nicknames, which include “poopy pants”, “booger,” and “pumpkin”! So cute. Of course the couple started bickering over a choice nickname that Jionni used that we assume is Italian for “penis face,” “poopy face,” or, erm, we’re quite not sure, but it was funny to see them quarrel over it.

One of our favorites is when Snooki called Lorenzo her “little peanut”! It’s the perfect descriptor for the pint-sized tot! What do you think of Lorenzo’s crazy nicknames? Tell us below!