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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Season 3 Spoilers Roundup For Episode 12 and Beyond: What Happens Next?

At this point, five episodes remain to The Walking Dead Season 3. Episode 9, Episode 10 and Episode 11 have come and gone. Episode 12, "Clear" is airing this Sunday, March 3. Read on for details on that episode, plus teasers on what's to come.

SPOILERS and speculation ahead!

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Episode 12 will be "something special": Hell with the other eps — just skip 'em! Kidding. Robert Kirkman gave TVLine this tease for the March 3 episode. “I think Episode 12 is going to be something special. All [eight episodes] are pretty great, but be on the lookout for that one.” All of the back half episode titles are listed here, and Ep 12 is marked "Clear."

"Curveball" coming! On the special episode note ... "There's an episode that's coming up that deals with Rick trying to hold on to his sanity, and I really think it's going to be a fan favorite for the entire series," Mazzara told TV Guide. "It's a very special episode. It's very different, and it's the curveball. Sometimes fans like curveballs, sometimes they don't, but it's a pretty exciting episode, so that question gets dealt with head on." We have no idea which episode he means. It's possible he meant Episode 12. Heck, he said that before Episode 11, so maybe he really meant that.

Most exciting 10 minutes of your life! A little while ago, Mazzara told The Wrap, "There's one episode coming up soon that has I think the most exciting 10-minute sequence I've ever worked on. I just absolutely love it. I think it's fantastic, and I'm very proud to have been a part of it -- that we got it into our show. That being said, I did design this part of the season to stop introducing new characters and now push in deeper and examine our characters." Maybe he meant Episode 10 on that one, with the Woodbury/prison attack. Or maybe that ep has yet to come...

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Expect a cast member or two to die: Special effects guru/producer Greg Nicotero recently rained on our parade with this: "We've established a certain scenario on our show where nobody is safe — and certainly in the back-half of [Season 3], it doesn't get easy for anybody. We have the whole Woodbury community with The Governor and our principal cast. We'll probably end our season minus a cast member or two." Axel is already dead. Who is next? Maybe Merle by the end of the season? Beth? Hershel? Carol? Some of the prison newbies, not including Tyreese?

But also expect some love: Producer Gale Ann Hurd teased to E! News, "There's a lot of betrayal. There's a little love. There's a lot of zombie action. And then we get to say goodbye sadly to a few more people." Love? Tyreese and Carol? Tyreese and Michonne? Carol and Daryl? Maybe Beth and the new teen kid, Ben? They didn't mean Carol and Axel, did they?

Television history is coming? Lauren Cohan (Maggie) recently told SciFiNow, "Some of the stuff that’s happening is going to make television history — I’m not being funny, to read a lot of it, it gave me a visceral reaction. I can only say that it’s going to be an intense ride for the viewers." Television history! No idea what she means by that, but try to keep it in mind.

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It’s Survivor: The Walking Dead: As Mazzara told Entertainment Weekly, "We’re on the road to war. Now that everything is set up, now people have to make choices. Andrea becomes the focal point. She’s the connective tissue. She has to make choices about how she’s going to deal with this. She’s caught between a rock and a hard place and she has to make choices to pick one side or the other or bring the groups together. We now have Merle, who obviously cannot live with Rick because Rick was the one who handcuffed him to the roof, and there’s Daryl. So in both groups, everything starts splitting apart. Everybody forms different alliances."

New theme for the season: Everyone knows "No one is safe," but Steven Yeun (Glenn) shared a new second-half theme to keep in mind, in an interview with Channel Guide Magazine: "Obviously, I can’t spoil anything — but it’s going to be pretty intense. For a lot of people, this season is a realization of the whole idea of 'You can’t live with ’em, can’t live without ’em.' That theme will permeate through the rest of the season." Can't live with or without Merle's help? With or without Rick, even though he's going loco?

Rick and The Governor will eventually meet: Season 3 has been all about these two guys, but — just like in the Michael Bublé song — they just haven’t met each other yet. In this promo we see them finally meet face-to-face, and The Gov tells The Ricktator they have a lot to talk about. David Morrissey recently told SFX Magazine, "What I’ve liked about the season so far is that it’s full of surprises. Obviously the stars might be aligned for Rick and the Governor to have some sort of meeting, but maybe the show will shoot that in a very surprising way. I think it’s not going to give you what you want in the way that you want it, and I think that’s what I’ve enjoyed in the second half of the season."

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Will The Governor die? How will we be satisfied? The New York Times asked Mazzara if viewers should be fearing for the Governor’s longevity."Well, I’m not going to give away any spoilers," Mazzara said, laughing. "But I do think you’ll see a satisfying ending to this chapter of Rick’s story."

Will Season 3 end on another cliffhanger? Mazzara told The Wrap, "The season finale will set up Season 4, but there'll be a satisfying end to this season. I don't think it's fair to fans to leave too much of a cliffhanger. … We're going to look for some time of resolution that satisfies viewers at the end of the 16-episode run but also leaves questions so people are excited to come back for Season 4."

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