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Gossip Girl

What Is Ed Westwick’s Next Big Project?

We’ve been thinking a lot about Ed Westwick and Chuck Bass recently — mostly at night, mostly in days that end in “y.” What would Chuck be doing if Gossip Girl hadn’t ended and he hadn’t been dismissed to a life of familymanitude (no complaints, a child is a perfect bowtie-replacement)? Would Chuck enjoy feeding us grapes while we lounged on our favorite fainting couch? Would Ed provide the right pressure as he massaged our Blahnik-shaped feet?

Despite all our fantasies of the extreme loving we want bestowed upon us by both the man and the myth, Ed Westwick seems to have a few ideas of his own about extreme activities. And no, they aren’t the back of the limo sort. When Ed stopped by the Surfset boot at the Kari Feinstein Style Lounge Pre-Academy Award Suite at the W Hotel Hollywood, he totally spilled the scoop on his next project.

So, what’s next for the hot Brit? Surfing. He’s been dying to learn how to surf and we’re dying to see him all glisteny and board short-wearing. But would Chuck Bass approve of his IRL alter ego getting gnarly? It would probably fly, as long as the board shorts are pinstriped...

02.28.2013 / 03:25 AM EDT by Julia Wayne
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