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American Idol 2013: Lazaro Arbos – Most Moving Audition in Idol History?

For 11 seasons now, the chat rooms and message boards for American Idol have been filled with differing opinions on whether the tearjerkers and emotional backstories on the show should even be allowed. Some fans feel it should be solely about the singing, while others say they like getting to know the personal histories of those they support.

Whatever your opinion is, it was hard not to be moved by last night’s final American Idol 2013 audition in Chicago, Lazaro Arbos. If you’re like many other American Idol 2013 premiere week viewers who are talking about his audition online today, you may have even shed a tear or two.

The 21-year-old ice cream scooper from Naples, Florida has suffered from a debilitating stutter since he was six. After moving to the U.S., it worsened and he was the victim of harsh bullying. Lazaro’s mother revealed on the show that iit would get so bad sometimes, she would say to him, “Sing to me! Sing to me!”

What happened when he opened his mouth was nothing short of a miracle. He sang “Bridge Over Troubled Water,” originally made famous on Idol by Clay Aiken. Not only was his voice incredible, but there was no sign of a stutter. The judges were nearly speechless, with Keith Urban managing to say sincerely, “You should sing all the time.”

If you are already a Lazaro Arbos fan and absolutely must know how far he goes in the next round of the competition, you can read up on our American Idol spoilers for one of the show’s most memorable contestants.

What did you think of Lazaro? Let us know!

03.1.2013 / 07:20 AM EDT by Marnie Brodersen
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