Bachelor 2013 Hot Mess of the Week: AshLee Frazier
Credit: ABC via WENN    
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The Bachelor

Bachelor 2013 Hot Mess of the Week: AshLee Frazier

Did anyone else get super nervous during AshLee Frazier's dismissal from Sean Lowe's love nest? We straight-up scooted away from our TV and built a wall of protective cheese puffs in fear that she'd crawl out of the television.

Up until now, AshLee has been an adorable (albeit emotionally unstable) sweetheart who loves nothing more than talking about how she's building walls, but also breaking them down, but also building them because — duh — she's adopted. But then Sean deflowered her and everything became extremely uncomfortable.

First of all, we're pretty sure that AshLee is the product of a robot's affair with a human, because she completely shut down. It was as if someone had turned her power off and she was just like "beep-bop-brzzzz." AshLee's eyes went blank as soon as Sean called her name, her face registered zero emotion, and she waltzed to her SUV without so much as a good bye finger-wag. Frankly, we wouldn't have been shocked if she'd gone all Godfather on Sean and left a decapitated rose head in his bedroom.

The good news is that AshLee spiraled into a fit of pretty-crying on the ride home, but the image of her death-glare will forever haunt us. Our theory? AshLee stole Tierra LiCausi's sparkle, and while doing so inadvertently stole her crazy.