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Castle Season 5: Will We See Rick Castle’s Father Again?

In Castle Season 5, Episode 16: “Hunt,” Rick Castle came face to face with his MIA pops, CIA operative “Jackson Hunt," played by guest star James Brolin. Though the reunion was under strenuous circumstances (aka rescuing Alexis from Russian KGB villains), they pulled through together and we loved the interaction between father and son. So, we wondered: will Castle’s dad reappear in later episodes?

At the 100th Castle episode celebration, Nathan Fillion told TVLine that “nothing in the episodes that we’ve filmed” deals with anything relating to the father revelation from the two-part episode. We can only assume that he passed the info of his CIA daddy on to Kate and Martha, but it has since blown over. We don’t see how anyone can be blow off knowing their dad is a secret agent, but maybe Rick’s just that cool.

Nathan seems to be pretty cool about the whole thing, saying he was “very satisfied” with how the episode turned out. He feels that Castle would be OK with the nature of his father’s absentee relationship because Castle learned “that his dad has had a hand in his life ever since he was kid, that his dad has been there in the wings.” However, before the episode concluded, we saw a glimmer of hope that Jackson may make a return. So, will he?

In an earlier interview with Entertainment Weekly, creator Andrew Marlowe seemed to be open to the idea. “It’s possible,” he said. While Andrew didn’t have any “any immediate plans” to bring Jackson back, we definitely hope to see Daddy Castle one more time before the season is over.

Would you like to see Jackson Hunt reappear in an upcoming episode? Tell us what you think below!

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