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Do Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny Come to Kailyn Lowry’s House?

It's no secret that Teen Mom 2's Kailyn Lowry is a staunch atheist. Kailyn has stated time and time again that she doesn't believe in God, and constantly defends her beliefs (or lack thereof) on Twitter. But now that Kailyn's married to Javi Marroquin, who was brought up Catholic, will she start celebrating religious holidays like Christmas and Easter?

"Santa comes to our house, yes. The Easter bunny, no," Kailyn explained to a curious Twitter follower — which makes sense considering Xmas has become a more secular holiday, whereas Easter remains a super holy day for devout Christians.

During an exclusive interview with Wetpaint Entertainment, Kailyn explained that she although considers herself atheist, she's open-minded and tolerant when it comes to other people's beliefs — especially Javi's. The couple is currently planning a second wedding (they were legally married in late 2012), and she'd even consider having a church ceremony for her hubby's family.

"I think I would be open-minded to having a ceremony in a church along with one for myself, just for his [Javi's] family," she said. "But I wouldn't want to just have a church wedding."

As for Javi, he's totally cool with his wife's stance on the (wo)man upstairs. "For the millionth time! I don't care if kail doesn't believe in God," Javi tweeted on February 25. "Who am I to tell her what to believe in!"

Amen! Er... you know what we mean.

Are you surprised that Kailyn celebrates Christmas but not Easter? Tell us below!

03.1.2013 / 03:10 AM EDT by Lindsay Dreyer
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