Gary Head Says Jenelle Evans Is Out of Rehab — But Where Is She?!
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Teen Mom

Gary Head Says Jenelle Evans Is Out of Rehab — But Where Is She?!

Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans reportedly entered rehab in California thanks to stress (not to be confused with drugs — she's clean and sober!), but it looks like she's heading back to North Carolina to reunite with her on-again-off-again boyfriend, Gary Head! But, guys? Jenelle hasn't been seen or heard from since her supposed release, and Gary's all kinds of worried.

"It's 4 on and I have yet to see or hear from @PBandJenelley_1," Gary tweeted on February 28. "This is causing me to worry. Oh where, oh where is J-Nelly."

Jenelle's stint in rehab is awash in mystery, and even the people who are closest to her (read: Gary and his hunky self) don't know many details of her treatment. Of course, it's possible that Jenelle is reacclimating into society at her own pace — after all, she entered rehab due to emotional stress!

"No phone or computer," Gary tweeted. "That's why she has been MIA. She's there for stress. Not to see what idiots post on twitter."

Of course, some fans are speculating that Jenelle hasn't contacted Gary because she's rushed back into the beefy arms of her husband, Courtland Rogers — but Gary doesn't seem too concerned. "I really don't care if she is or not," he told a fan. "Props to her. I'm gonna be fine regardless a who I'm with."

Is it just us, or is Gary getting more and more mature by the minute? Hopefully Jenelle will contact him before too long!