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The Bachelorette

Michael Stagliano Opens Up About Being Sexually Abused as a Child

Michael "The Stag" Stagliano has been following Sean Lowe's season of The Bachelor, and much like the rest of us, he has lots of opinions about Sean's lady loves. This Bachelor Nation veteran has been a huge fan of AshLee Frazier from the beginning, but watching her struggles has affected him on a personal level. AshLee's traumatizing childhood memories prevented her from completely opening up to love, something that Michael understands.

"When I was little (4 years old) my brother and I were sexually abused by a babysitter for months…IT SUCKED!" Michael reveals in his Bachelor blog. "I can still remember my brother’s face on some of those nights. And the cliff notes version of it all is this: Don’t get me wrong it was terrible, and I think what happened to AshLee being abandoned so many times was terrible… But you can choose to live life after that as something that will make you stronger or something that will weigh you down."

Michael hopes that AshLee can move on from her past, and believes she'll be able to find love once she buries the skeletons in her closet.

"In my opinion (and it is ONLY my opinion) what happened to her in the past kept a real connection FOR SEAN impossible," Michael says. "CLEARLY, AshLee had a connection, but it seemed like Sean constantly had to 'prove' himself, or talk about trust and reaffirm, and reassure, and 'protect' and all this serious heavy stuff… Life isn’t mean[t] to be that way, love isn’t mean[t] to be that way."

We applaud Michael for being so open about his past, as well as for moving on with his life so successfully. Hopefully AshLee can find some inspiration in his story!

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03.1.2013 / 01:34 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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