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Rachel McAdams Wanted Kids, Michael Sheen Didn’t? Split Report

Yesterday, a source said Michelle Williams and Jason Segel split over distance and a lack of confidence in their future. Today, a source told People Rachel McAdams, 34, and Michael Sheen, 45 split because of different ideas about their own future.

"Rachel wants to settle down and is dreaming of having a family," a source told People. "Michael always seemed content with their relationship. Since he already has a daughter, he feels no need to have more children. He wants to focus on his career." (Michael has a daughter, Lily, 14, with actress Kate Beckinsale.) The source said Rachel and Michael tried to work things out but they just couldn't agree. "It caused some frustration and they thought it was better to go separate ways."

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Distance is a relationship killer, but it's even worse if the couple can't agree on what they want. These two may just be on different paths. However, a source told E! Online their split is "likely not permanent," calling it a "temporary hiccup." Lifestyle differences aren't a temporary hiccup, so one of these "sources" is off — if not both.

But whatever. The entire point of this is to point out to Ryan Gosling that Rachel is feeling broody and it's time for them to get back together and make babies. We can dream!

Source: People