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Jersey Shore

See Jionni LaValle as a Toddler: Does He Look Like Lorenzo? (PHOTO)

We’ve been debating back and forth over whether Lorenzo looks more like his mama, Snooki, or daddy, Jionni LaValle, and now we have some more photographic evidence that may help clear things up...

Jionni recently tweeted a pic from a relative of him as a toddler, sitting between his smiling siblings (or cousins) in front of a fireplace. He’s got on his unmissable smile and looks super happy. Is this pic from the holidays, maybe? That might explain the Christmas sweater on the girl to his right.

Credit: Twitter    

Do you recognize baby Lorenzo in Jionni’s toddler grin? If anything, they were both super happy babies. We’ve also got a baby photo of little Snooks so you can compare.

Lorenzo definitely has Snooki’s chubby cheeks and eyes (not to mention her natural Chilean tan!), but we think he’s got Jionni’s lips and a hint of his smile. Considering that he’s Snooki’s first blood relative, their similar appearance is especially sentimental. Though he may resemble his mama a bit more now, he’s going to go through a ton of changes as he continues to grow and develop.

Who do you think Lorenzo looks more like right now, Snooki or Jionni? Sound off below!