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Pretty Little Liars

Spring Breakers Reviews: What Do Critics Think of Ashley Benson’s New Movie?

Debauchery and drunken antics are probably not what come to mind when thinking of Disney cuties Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens and Pretty Little Liars starlet Ashley Benson. But they’ll be donning pink ski masks and neon bikinis instead of designer dresses for Harmony Korine’s highly anticipated new film, Spring Breakers, an outlandish spring break adventure filled with drugs, sex, and crime, all set to a frenzied Skrillex-approved soundtrack.

We’re dying to see the new movie, and growing especially impatient with the recent influx of bass-pumping trailers, eye-catching posters and assorted promo. While we anxiously wait until the film’s premiere in March, let’s check in with what some critics are saying so far about Spring Breakers.

Matt Patches,

“Following suit with Korine's past work, the film is hallucinogenic in its composition and absurdly of Gomez ready for the next step in the evolution of the actress, as a performer who doesn't look backwards or consider the implications a single risky role might have on her career, should find enjoyment. Spring Breakers is challenging. It asks people, young or old, to question what they fantasize about. Even more so than a round of beachside beer pong.”

David Rooney, Hollywood Reporter

From the minute Alien steps in, the film becomes like a more extreme version of one of those Saturday Night Live video sketches, with Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg flaunting exaggerated hip-hop style. And while Hudgens and Benson evince a persuasive embrace of bad-assery, these psychosexual bunnies have little to do beyond look hot and occasionally fellate a popsicle. Gomez’s character is given a tad more dimension before she exits and is promptly forgotten, but all the characters are thinner than an Olsen twin.”

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Jordan Hoffman,

“It would be easy to dismiss Spring Breakers. Lord, I’d like to. Anything that exploits women this ruthlessly begs to be dismissed....unfortunately, there are moments, somewhere in the cannabis haze of day-glo bikini buttocks and cocaine-topped nipples where an abstract expressionism starts to seep off the screen. The swirl of horny jocks, skanky girls and inadvisable behavior mixed with booze, bongs, bling and ridiculous signifiers like wiggers and bronys all starts to become. . .beautiful.”

Niki Boyle, The List

Incoherent, brash and self-consciously 'arthouse' in execution, Harmony Korine's Spring Breakers is an intriguing cinematic spectacle: an awful film that seems aware – nay, aggressively boastful – of its own awfulness...with washes of neon colour, endless slow-mo breast montages, loops of repeating dialogue and out-of-sequence shots overlapping with the main narrative, he creates a surreal, immersive, uncompromising film-event.”

It sounds like despite some mixed reviews, overall critics are enjoying the amped-up adventure that is Harmony Korine’s latest film. We can’t wait to watch it and decide for ourselves! We have a feeling it’s going to be one hell of a ride...and we’re SO pumped!

Spring Breakers hits theaters nationwide on March 22, and in select cities on March 15. Are you excited for Spring Breakers? What do you think the film will be like? Sound off below!

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