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Vanderpump Rules Season 2: Will You Watch?

Vanderpump Rules just wrapped up its first season in a blaze of reality TV glory: A sexy photo shoot, speedo stuffing, teary exits and dramatic relationship reveals. The servers of SUR were some of the most unexpected reality stars in recent memory, and they packed more WTF moments into their eight episodes than we thought possible.

But could they do it again? Should Vanderpump Rules get a second season?

Yes! And here’s why.

First of all, Stassi and Jax have unfinished business. Yes, Jax quit his job at SUR (though we’ll believe that when we see it), and grovelled before Stassi, saying she’d never hear from him again. But these two can’t stay away from each other, and if (when?) they get back together, it’s gonna make for great TV.

Second, we’d get more Stassi sayings! Her violent metaphors are already the stuff of legend, but even in an everyday tiff she tosses out gems like, “Don’t swim away like a moody mermaid.” Don’t ever change, Stassi.

Third, now that Laura-Leigh is gone, and Stassi and Scheana aren’t enemies, you just know that Lisa Vanderpump is going to hire some hot new waitress to cause more dramz.

Finally, just think of all the SUR staffers we didn’t really meet! Our personal vote is for more Peter, because he had to keep stepping in as the tall, dark and handsome voice of reason this time around, and we know he’s got a lot more to offer than that.

So bring it on, Bravo! Vanderpump Rules rules, and we want more.