Which Music Star Was Secretly Married as a Teen?
Credit: Fox Broadcasting Company    
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Which Music Star Was Secretly Married as a Teen?

Maybe the takeaway of this is to always ask celebrities if they were ever married.

Ne-Yo, age 30, has two children with his girlfriend, Monyetta Shaw. TMZ asked the music star — who is reportedly being considered to replace Britney Spears on The X-Factor — if he had ever been married. Ne-Yo said yes, he was married when he was just 19, but he and his wife were only together for a few months before they got an annulment.

"Nobody really knows that,” Ne-Yo told TMZ. “Nobody ever really asked." It seems like a strange thing to randomly ask someone, but in this case it led to an interesting bit of trivia.

Ne-Yo and his girlfriend recently sparked engagement rumors when she was spotted with a giant ring, but he told necolebitchie.com (via the Daily Mail), “'That is a big beautiful ring and we are chilling. I'll put it to you this way, when the day comes that I'm going to get married, I will be the first person to let the whole world know. I'm going to shout it from a mountain top because I'm going to be the happiest man on the face on the planet [but] until then, we chilling.”

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