American Idol 2013 Power Rankings: Season 12 Top 20 Contestants!
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American Idol

American Idol 2013 Power Rankings: Season 12 Top 20 Contestants!

Now that the Las Vegas sudden death rounds are over, how do the American Idol 2013 Top 20 contestants stack up? Who do we think has the potential to make it to the Top 10, or even all the way to the finale? Check out our American Idol power rankings for the Season 12 Top 20 and let us know who your favorites are this season!

So far this season on American Idol 2013, we’ve been way more impressed with the girls than the guys. There are some standout male contestants this year, including Curtis Finch Jr., Burnell Taylor,Lazaro Arbos, and Nick Boddington. However, overall, it seems the majority of the ladies are just miles above the majority of the guys.

With that in mind, it should come as no surprise that our American Idol 2013 power rankings for the Season 12 Top 20 is rather heavily frontloaded with female contestants at the high end of the list. Here’s our rundown on who we think is sitting pretty as we prepare to go into the voting rounds... and who we think probably won’t be making it to the Top 10.

American Idol Season 12 Top 20 Power Rankings:

20. Charlie Askew - Every now and then, his voice is awesome. But most of the time he has a lot of trouble with his vocals. Still, he does have a great story, a fun persona and he’s a true performer.

19. Zoanette Johnson - We love this girl and her crazy attitude and antics. Her voice is pretty great too. She is probably just a bit too out there for the voters though...

18. Paul Jolley - He’s cute, personable, and he has a lovely voice. He’s also kind of bland, boring and stereotypical. He could make the Top 10 if he has blowout performance, but it seems unlikely.

17. Tenna Torres - The judges may love her, but something about this girl just doesn’t do it for us. Maybe its just that there is so much other really stellar female talent this year to compete with.

16. Elijah Liu - This guy was a total unknown until Vegas, and although he was good in the sudden death round, he wasn’t superstar material in our opinion.

15. Vincent Powell - He has an amazing voice, without question. With Burnell Taylor and Curtis Finch Jr. in the running though with a similar vibe, he may just be too redundant.

14. Amber Holcomb - Amber gave a great performance of a classic standard in the Vegas rounds, but we hadn’t seen anything about her before. She’s a second-time around Idol hopeful, which could be good or bad. She’s a wild card at this point.

13. Aubrey Cleland - We have barely even heard of this girl so far on Idol this year. Either she’s so special the producers are holding out on us for a surprise breakout. Or she’s just been coasting along without being anything spectacular.

12. Breanna Steer - She had a breakout performance in the Vegas rounds, but we're not sure she has "winner" stamped on her forehead.

11. Lazaro Arbos - We honestly do not think Lazaro has the vocal chops to win, but his story and adorable factor may carry him a long way in the competition.

10. Cortez Shaw - Cortez is in the middle of our power rankings because we just think he is kind of a bland middle-of-the-pack kind of guy. He may get along for a while just on being incredibly good looking and charasmatic, but we don't see a winner here.

9. Burnell Taylor - He has a sympathetic backstory and big, big voice and that may carry him quite far this season. However, put in a head to head against similar style contestant Curtis Finch Jr. and he comes out second string.

8. Kree Harrison - Kree has a sad back story of losing her parents, so she has the sympathy card. She’s also got a killer voice, but she may just not have the “it” factor the voters are looking for.

7. Devin Velez - Devin has gotten a lot of screen time so far in Hollywood Week and in Vegas. He has given some stellar performances. He’s attractive, non-stereotypical WGWG (white guy with guitar) and he’s dual-language (singing one song partially in Spanish). He could be going places.

6. Nick Boddington - We really, really like this guy and he's the closest to a 'Phillip Phillips' type we have going this season. Let's face it, the WGWG (White Guy With Guitar (or other instrument)) is a stereotype for Idol winners for a reason.

5. Adriana Latonio - Adriana reminds us a lot of Jessica Sanchez last season, and we know how far she got! She’s not afraid to take risks, she’s got a big, big voice and she’s gorgeous and looks comfy on a stage. One to watch!

4. Candice Glover - Candice has the stage savvy, the voice and the attitude to make it far, but we’re not quite sure it will be all the way to the finale. Something is just not quite perfect about her so far...

3. Curtis Finch, Jr. - Curtis is certainly our top guy pick so far who has been chosen for the Top 20, although this will probably change after the final five guys moving on are picked. He’s soulful, has an awesome voice, and the judges seem to love him.

2. Janelle Arthur - There have been a LOT of country singers this year and it feels like American Idol is hoping for another Carrie Underwood to come out of this season. Janelle could very well be that girl.

1. Angela Miller - Right now Angela Miller is our favorite to be the next American Idol winner. Not only does she have a huge voice, she is also an incredible songwriter AND she plays the piano like she was born with one in her hands. Plus, she’s beautiful, young and passionate. What more could you want?

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