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The Bachelor

Bachelor 2013 Spoiler: Does Tierra Apologize at Women Tell All?

Do you guys remember that time when Tierra LiCausi “apologized” to Robyn Howard but kind of didn’t and also maybe cried with a fire behind her? Cuz we do. So, we were wondering if Tierra’s return to the small screen on The Bachelor Season 17 Women Tell All would come with equally macabre imagery. Has she changed since leaving the show?

No. No, she hasn’t. According to an insider who was present for the taping of the show, it was more of the same from Tierra when she took the stage. “Robyn (Howard) and [Tierra] went at it the hardest. Robyn straight-up told her she was crazy. Tierra finally offered an apology, but it seemed really phony. She said, ‘If I offended anyone, I’m sorry.’ The other girls didn’t seem like they were buying it for a minute.”

Wait, let’s get this straight: the last time we saw her on The Bachelor, she was sobbing in the back of a van. But instead of a triumphant return and a transition from showing her sparkle to giving off an earthly glow of calm and peace, she’s up to the same old shiz. Are you surprised?