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Teen Mom

Kieffer Delp Declares Undying Love For New Girlfriend!

How much do we love Kieffer Delp? Let us count the ways. We came to know this mysterious hoodie-clad grifter when he was dating Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans, but sadly they parted ways after he urinated on her belongings, whisked her away to New Jersey, and possibly got her hooked on drugs. Nowadays, Kieffer is livin' the life, and he has a brand new girlfriend who he's crazy about!

Ladies, let us introduce the international woman of mystery known as Tabitha, who Kieffer's been dating since December 2012. "I love my tabitha soooooo god damn much," Kieffer tweeted on February 27. "Ill be cool, ill be usefull, ill be, cavalier, ill be yours ,my dear, ill belong to yu."

Um, we're crying happy tears. Who knew Kieffer was such a romantic?! Unfortunately, Tabitha's tweets are protected, but according to her Twitter bio she has a son. Clearly, Kieffer has a type! Of course, it's a well established fact that Keef and Jenelle are drawn together like weird, Alfredo-covered magnets, so who knows how long this wandering minstrel's relationship with Tabitha will last.

We're just happy he's happy, sob! In other news, Keefers > Reefers.