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Miracle Subway Baby Adopted by Couple Who Found Him

The story of how Danny became a father is the perfect example of why women should always trust their intuition.

Years ago, Danny found an abandoned baby on the subway and immediately called 911. After a while, he called his boyfriend, Peter, who raced to meet up with him and the baby since the police never showed.

Fast forward to three months later, when Danny and Peter attended family court and the judge asked Danny, “Would you be interested in adopting this baby?” At the time, Danny was living with his broke boyfriend and a roommate. But he took the plunge anyway. Twelve years later, Peter and Danny were married by the same judge who had the foresight to give the loving couple a son, and Peter wrote about their adoption experience for The New York Times.

When Peter asked the judge why she had asked Danny to adopt the child, she said, “I had a hunch. Was I wrong?” Obviously not!

We can’t help but tear up a bit at the lovely morals of this story. The judge took a chance on a man that she just simply felt would step up as a father to the baby he had found and refused to abandon, therefore creating a family that is clearly committed to each other over a decade later. She also gave a child a chance at a family, rather than casting him into foster care, as so many children in the United States are each year.

It’s a story of hope and faith — the judge trusted Danny and Peter, and she surely made the right choice!

Source: The New York Times

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03.2.2013 / 04:20 AM EDT by Jo Aaron
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