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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Your Burning Questions From Season 3, Episode 15!

Each episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is filled with surprising and shocking moments that sometimes require closer examination. With that in mind, here are answers to your top five burning questions from Season 3, Episode 15: “The Real Housewives of Paris: Part Un.”

1. Where was Kim and why did she seem so strange in Paris?
Kim was certainly acting loopy in Paris, but she explains her lateness and strange comments on having “brought the wrong medication with me on the trip.” She says she’d been taking the wrong meds since before getting to Paris, so she didn’t “feel right.” Perhaps that explains why Kim seemed to have no sense of when she arrived in Paris when talking to Lisa. However, the day after the fireworks display, she’s says she called a doctor to check on her and got things straightened out. We’re wishing you the best, Kim!

2. Have Yolanda and Taylor worked out their differences yet?
Is Yolanda on good terms with Taylor now? Hardly. Yo writes in her blog this week that, when Yolanda joined the group, Taylor “did not really embrace me.” Yolanda says Taylor should have heard David’s side about his marriage to ex-wife Linda “before you let your mouth run on someone you don't even know!” Suddenly, the room got about as cold as Yolanda’s fridge.

Credit: Bravo © NBC Universal, Inc.    

For Taylor’s part, she regrets that she “was in a bad place” when she met Yolanda and “was in no state of mind to be making new friends.” She says it had “nothing to do with Yolanda” but that Taylor was jealous of Yolanda’s “successful marriages.” So maybe there is hope for Taylor and Yolanda after all?

3. How did Taylor feel about Kim and Kyle approaching her about her drinking?
Taylor may have (thankfully!) kept a calm exterior, but she was less than pleased about what Kim had to say. “Persons who are in recovery don't point the finger at others” but instead “focus on their own sobriety,” Taylor says. “Dr. Drew you are not,” Taylor adds about Kim. Sounds like Taylor doesn’t appreciate Kim’s input.

4. How is Marisa’s family doing following the sudden death of Dean’s father?
“Watching this episode was extremely difficult,” Marisa says. She explains Dean’s father, Richard, was the “father figure I had always hoped for in my life,” and that her life “turned on a dime” when he passed away. Our thoughts are with their family, and it’s great that they seem to have so many cherished memories to remember Richard by.

5. How much older is Lisa’s friend Sue than Warren?
We thought Sue looked great, especially when it turns out that Sue is 16 years older than Ken’s son, meaning she was 61 during the episode! That makes her nine years older than Lisa. No wonder there was tension between the two ladies at first. Lisa explains that Warren was the product of Ken having been married at 19 for two years, but that his wife wasn’t ready to be a mom, so Ken was awarded custody.