Sexual Education in Kindergarten? Yes, It’s Happening!
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Sexual Education in Kindergarten? Yes, It’s Happening!

Where do babies come from? Ah, the question dreaded by all parents. If you thought you had a few more years to decide on your answer, you might not. In the Chicago School System, elementary schools are now required to teach sex education as early as kindergarten.

ABC News reports that within the next two years, sex ed will be added to the kindergarten curriculum as well as all other elementary school grades. Barbara Byrd-Bennett, the CEO of the Chicago School System, tells ABC News:

“It is important that we provide students of all ages with accurate and appropriate information so they can make healthy choices in regards to their social interactions, behaviors, and relationships. By implementing a new sexual health education policy, we will be helping them to build a foundation of knowledge that can guide them not just in the preadolescent and adolescent years, but throughout their lives.”

The kindergarten program will touch on topics like anatomy, reproduction, healthy relationships, and personal safety. While we imagine that many parents will be comfortable with their 5-year-olds learning about three out of four of those topics, some moms say that they wish schools would hold off on the topic of reproduction.

Abbey Greenburg, mother of three, tells us, “I agree with teaching young children the importance of having healthy relationships and personal safety. And in our house, we’ve always encouraged our kids to call their body parts by the proper names, but I just don’t think it’s vital that little kids learn about sexual intercourse. I’d be worried that it might effect some children’s behavior.”

It’s important to note that parents will have the choice of opting out of the program if they feel it’s inappropriate for their own child, however if we remember correctly, once a few kids learn about sex, it’s only a matter of time before everyone’s giggling about how babies are made.

Would you let your kindergarten-age child participate in a sexual education program? What age do you think it is appropriate to begin sex ed? Tell us in the comments below.

Source: ABC News

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