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Jersey Shore

Snooki and JWOWW Put Fake Eyelashes on Conan O’Brien! (VIDEO)

Snooki and JWOWW are notorious for being outspoken, and during their recent press tour in L.A., the dynamic duo sat down with Conan O’Brien for a hilarious interview, in which they discussed everything from babies to the fake eyelashes they wear “24/7,” which was of particular interest to Conan.

Snooki said they made her feel pretty, while JWOWW admitted she didn’t feel complete without them on, prompting Snooks to ask Conan if they could put some on him so he knew what it felt like! Conan was a good sport while the duo put one on each eye, and when he opened his eyes and fluttered the ridiculous lashes for the camera, we have to say — despite Snooki proclaiming, “It’s gorgeous!”) — it was a creepy, albeit funny, visual.

Conan also asked why JWOWW was so open about her sex life with Roger, and she was quick to explain that it was something Rog used to make fun of her, like he made fun of Jionni for being short. “If [he] didn’t fall asleep half the time, maybe [he’d] get it in,” JWOWW joked, prompting Conan to get up from his seat and walk away.

As for babies, Conan showed a cute pic of Snooki after she’d given birth to Lorenzo. Snooki said she felt like a whale, while Conan assured her that she looked beautiful all done up in the delivery room — including rockin’ heels! Snooks said she wanted her baby to know she was fabulous, but Conan pointed out that was obvious to him either way. Aww!

What do you think of Conan’s guidette makeover? Watch the video, and then sound off below!