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Taco Bell the Latest Chain to Test Positive For Horse Meat

Fast food in London is going to the... horses! Taco Bell is the latest chain to fall victim to beef being tainted with horse meat in Europe after tests conducted by Britain’s Food Standards Agency found trace amounts of horse DNA in its food products, according to BBC News.

Taco Bell released a statement saying that it conducted its own tests and had in fact confirmed the FSA’s findings, so it recalled all of the contaminated stock from stores and canceled purchases from the European plant that supplied the horse meat.

The fast food chain’s U.S. branch also released a statement assuring customers that the tainted meat does not affect their eateries in the U.S. "Our domestic restaurants have not been, and will not be, impacted because we do not use any meat from Europe, the statement said. “We stand for quality and we use 100% premium beef. Like all beef in the United States, ours is USDA inspected and then passes our own 20 quality checkpoints."

Taco Bell’s embarrassing announcement comes just days after tainted Swedish meatballs were reported at Ikea in Europe. Proving that even royalty isn’t safe from contamination, Burger King also admitted to having horse meat in some of its burgers in the UK and Ireland after denying it for weeks.

Source: BBC News, The Guardian, Gawker

03.2.2013 / 03:00 AM EDT by Jo Aaron
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