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Jersey Shore

Vinny Has a New Favorite MTV Show — and It’s Not Jersey Shore-Related!

We’re super pumped to see Vinny Gudagnino on our TVs again when his upcoming hybrid talk/reality show, The Show With Vinny, premieres later this year. Aside from the occasional rerun of Jersey Shore, our favorite guido cutie enjoys watching another hit MTV show, Catfish, which follows buddies Nev and Max on their quest to help people find out if their online lovers are real or fake.

Vin sat down with MTV to explain his love for the show. It all began back when 2010 when he saw it the film online and fell in love with it, deeming it a “great movie." When he found out there would be an MTV series, he was duly excited.

“I can’t take the suspense and anticipation,” Vinny admitted. “You know it’s never going to be [the person you’re led to believe] ... but you’re like, when is it going to be a guy? When is it going to be a girl who is really a guy?” The possibilities on the show are seemingly endless, and rarely does the person hunting for the love of their life receive the fairytale ending they hoped for.

“To get into people’s minds like that? It’s crazy!” Vinny said. He even fooled us once with his own Catfish confession, tweeting a pic of him with Photoshopped glasses and a twirly mustache. “This is who I really am,” he wrote. Such a jokester!

Do you agree with Vinny’s assessment of Catfish? Are you excited for his own show? Sound off below!

Source: MTV

03.2.2013 / 05:30 AM EDT by Julia Lynn Rubin
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