Promo for Glee Season 4, Episode 15: In-Depth Analysis of “Girls (And Boys) On Film”
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Promo for Glee Season 4, Episode 15: In-Depth Analysis of “Girls (And Boys) On Film”

So many cliffhangers after the last Glee, it felt like we couldn’t possibly wait multiple weeks to find out how it all ends! Sadly, the TV programming gods had spoken, and Glee was off the air until early March. Now, March has finally come, and the new episode is just days away!

So when the show does come back for Season 4, Episode 15: "Girls (and Boys) On Film," we’re in for one heck of a crazy ride! We’ve seen the promo for the episode, and now we’re breaking it down — second by second, frame by frame — in search of clues about what’s to come. Here’s what we’ve managed to uncover.

00:01 — In three weeks...
Yes, you heard that right. Glee is going away for almost an entire month. But when it does come back, we promise that Klaine shippers will be very happy. (Well, we hope so.)

00:02 — Kurt and Blaine standing on a rooftop.
They’re in New York City. On a rooftop. Covered in lights. It’s a breathtakingly romantic setting. Glee creator Ryan Murphy has already revealed that Blaine (Darren Criss) will be singing the uber-romantic “Come What May” from Moulin Rouge to Kurt (Chris Colfer). But will Blaine finally be able to win his ex over, or will Kurt still only have eyes for his new boy, Adam (Oliver Kieran-Jones)?

00:03 — Meanwhile, back at McKinley
All of the New Directions girls are dressed up as Marilyn Monroe. This is going to be an entire movie-themed episode, and it’s set to feature songs from tons of classic films. So which girl do you think makes the sexiest Marilyn... or are you secretly wishing that some of the grads could have gotten to dress up like her instead?

Promo for Glee Season 4, Episode 15: In-Depth Analysis of “Girls (And Boys) On Film”
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00:04 — “Everyone loves movies”
Thanks, Will (Matthew Morrison). Great insight. But actually, we’re a bit more concerned about your would-have-been wife, Emma (Jayma Mays), who is currently MIA. Luckily, we’ve seen on-set photos that prove Will and Emma will find each other again this episode. Plus, she’s still wearing her engagement ring!

The wedding may have been called off, but it sounds like there’s still hope that Wemma might be able to salvage their relationship just yet.

00:05 — Footloose!
The New Directions are singing the classic ‘80s musical hit, and Sam (Chord Overstreet) is singing lead. Fun fact: The original Ren McCormack, Kevin Bacon, now stars on FOX’s The Following. The two shows are on the same network... Is it too much to hope that somebody within the “six degrees” was able to convince K.B. to make a cameo? (Probably. But you know what? We can dream.)

00:09 — Will: “They help us escape from our day-to-day anxieties.”
Kitty (Becca Tobin) is more than ready with a snarky reply. “Like getting left at the altar?” Shush, girl. Will and Emma are working through their problems. Didn’t you read that earlier paragraph?

00:12 — With secrets...
BIG secrets! So is Rachel (Lea Michele) pregnant, or isn’t she? We can’t get a clear look at the result on that pregnancy test, but the fact that Rachel just broke down and is sobbing her eyes out to Santana (Naya Rivera) does not seem like the best sign! We have a sneaking suspicion that the answer might just be “yes” on this one.

00:17 — “A groundbreaking moment?
What, the guys stripped down to only their shirts and their undies? That’s hot and all, but not exactly groundbreaking. Didn’t we just devote an entire episode to blatantly objectifying their hot, sexy, teenage bodies? (Insert minor shudder here.)

Promo for Glee Season 4, Episode 15: In-Depth Analysis of “Girls (And Boys) On Film”
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00:17 — Oh, look. Another Blaine solo.
Back off, haters. Say what you will; Blaine solos are our favorite solos. We just can’t get enough! (And “Shout!” from Animal House? That works for us.)

00:19 — “Their 500th song!’
That’s no small milestone! Four seasons. Close to a hundred episodes. And now 500 songs. Even Sue (Jane Lynch) is impressed. “Where the hell did that come from?”

00:20 — “This episode is one big blockbuster”
There’s Will, standing on the snow-covered ground. Reaching his hand up towards a window, where Emma stands looking at him below. Win her back, Will! We know you can.

00:23 — Oh. Hi, Adam.
So, if Rachel, Kurt, and Adam are all hanging out at the loft... does that mean Kurt and Blaine aren’t getting back together, after all? Don’t do this to us, Glee! Don’t raise our hopes like that only to crush them.

Life is so unfair.

03.3.2013 / 08:30 PM EDT by Beth Douglass
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