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American Idol

Where Are They Now? American Idol Season 11’s Elise Testone

Elise Testone was one of our favorites in American Idol Season 11, but she never really seemed to catch on with the viewing public at large. Still, she had a loyal fan base that managed to keep her going in the competition far longer than many critics predicted.

Elise grew up in Kinnelon, New Jersey and took vocal lessons in New York with coach Judy Hages. She moved to South Carolina to go to college and hooked up with a variety of local musicians on various projects. After college, she worked at a pet store, and in the afternoons, she was a vocal coach. She performed with local bands such as The Freeloaders, James Brown Dance Party, and Slanguage.

Rocker girl Elise auditioned for American Idol Season 11 in North Charleston, South Carolina. Seh was one of only five female contestants who made it to the finals based on viewer votes.

Known for her gravelly and soulful voice, Elise had tough time winning fans over and ended up in the bottom three on most weeks during much of the season. She finally was eliminated from the Top 6 after singing Queen’s “I Want It All” and Jimi Hendrix’s “Bold As Love.”

Since making her exit from American Idol, the voice teacher has returned to Charleston, South Carolina and continues to actively perform in the area. There are no formal plans to release an album, but Elise has been writing plenty of music.

On the seamier side of things, the singer was pegged as the “other woman” in a divorce scandal involving a guitarist from Idol who traveled with the Season 11 finalists on the American Idols Live! Tour.