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Glee Season 4: Top 5 Reasons Rachel and Finn Should Have a Baby

The fact that Glee left us with a cliffhanger before disappearing for three weeks especially a major shocker like the possibility of Rachel’s (Lea Michele) pregnancy is basically unconscionable. However, we actually think that Rachel having a baby is awesome news if and only if the baby is Finn’s (Cory Monteith), that is.

So here are the five reasons why we want Finn and Rachel to start raising a baby together as soon as possible. In the meantime, someone better get Maury Povich on the phone, stat.

1. We love it when Finn sings about babies!

Remember how precious Finn was when singing “(You’re) Having My Baby” to Quinn (Dianna Agron), or his part in the song “Beth” with Puck (Mark Salling)? Finn singing about kids just brings out his soft side so we can’t wait to see what baby-related song he might sing this time around. Let’s just hope he avoids “Billie Jean,” since it has the line, “The kid is not my son.” Awkward.

2. This will encourage them to finally get married. We’re waiting.

Credit: Adam Rose/FOX ©2011 Fox Broadcasting Co.    

Granted, Finn and Rachel were quite young to consider getting married last season. Still, we really wanted them to, since they are pretty much the cutest thing on planet earth (and most other planets as well). That’s why we’re hoping that a Finchel bun in the oven will help ensure that the couple finally ties the knot. We can’t wait for the Finchel proposal, version 2.0.

3. Finn is mature enough to handle it.

There are times when the pouty Finn has seemed a bit like a baby himself over the years. But seeing how well he’s helped nurture the New Directions members shows us that he really is capable of being an amazing father! The only parent-related thing he hasn’t mastered yet is a love for coffee, but that will come one of these days.

4. A Finchel baby would be the cutest thing ever!

There’s no way a baby could be cast who could be nearly as adorable as real-life couple’s Lea Michele-Cory Monteith potential baby would be. Still, both Rachel and Finn have a lot of features and talents that anyone would want to inherit, so we just know that their baby would be ridiculously squeezable.

5. Brody is an escort. Or a hitman. Or... we don’t want to know what else.

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Let’s not forget that, if the baby isn’t Finn’s, then the alternative isn’t a pretty picture, as Rachel will be forever bonded with a guy who’s seeming like a first-class creep. Even before the hint at Brody’s possible double life as an escort, we’ve been getting sick of him. Okay, so we’ll never get sick of seeing him do sit-ups in the park, but we’re sick of everything else about him.

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