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Lifetime Cancels Drop Dead Diva (UPDATE – It’s Back!)

UPDATE: Drop Dead Diva has been un-canceled! Apparently Lifetime and company found a cost-effective way to keep the show going, The Hollywood Reporter says, so Season 5 has a green light. Happy to see the show back from the dead?

Original story:

After four seasons, Drop Dead Diva has dropped dead.

Lifetime has opted not to order a fifth season, Deadline reports, announcing the decision three months after the end of Season 4. However, series producer Sony Pictures TV may shop the show elsewhere.

Based on some of the comments under Deadline's story, fans are very disappointed (to put it mildly):

• "R u kidding me?! I love that show and all my girlfriends do too! Lifetime’s aways cancelling my fave shows for crap like The Client List or whatever. Big mistake Lifetime."

• "I LOVED this show…so charming and with such a great cliffhanger!! Brooke is such a talent. I hope it finds a home elsewhere….."

• "I can’t believed you decided to cancel this show, by far one of my all time favorites. I will miss Jane and the crew. Please reconsider. I was so looking forward to the new season. This was a hugh mistake Lifetime."

• "I am LIVID. Drop Dead Diva is no doubt Lifetime’s best show, especially due to its fourth season, which has tied the series back to the creativity and storylines of its first season. While the second and third seasons may have been a bit dull in terms of overall story arcs, each episode was still highly entertaining, and season four has most definitely improved upon any of its possible faults."

• "HUGE Mistake Lifetime! You have a show that is doing well in numbers of viewers and is one of your best shows on your Network besides Army Wives and then you foolishly cancel it. Why not try the new shows during the summer or have Drop Dead Diva air during the summer when other networks have re-runs and reality shows on. I know it is a long shot that another network will pick it up but I really hope it happens, just to show Lifetime what kind of fools they have running their programming dept."

• "What a freaking awful decision! The show was still great, it was still bringing in ratings, there are so few good shows like this on the air which aren’t reality shows. I guess the same idiotic people who decided to put on Bristol Palin thinks it is a good idea to cancel 'Drop Dead Diva' one of the only decent shows it had. Lifetime, you suck! I hope your whole audience shrinks to zero."

Are you upset? Shocked? Not shocked? Would you watch the show if it moved elsewhere?

Source: Deadline

03.4.2013 / 11:39 PM EDT by Gina Carbone
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