The Walking Dead Season 3 Spoilers: “There Will Be No F–king Peace Treaty!”
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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Season 3 Spoilers: “There Will Be No F–king Peace Treaty!”

Well then!

At this point on The Walking Dead Season 3, Andrea is hoping to negotiate peace between Team Prison and Team Woodbury. As we left her on Episode 11, she had put down her knife instead of killing The Governor. Episode 12 is a road trip where Rick, Michonne and Carl seek supplies — and mental clarity for Rick, so he can get himself together — but the official synopsis for Episode 13, "Arrow on the Doorpost" says "Rick and the Governor contemplate a peace treaty.”

That would certainly make Andrea happy, but at The Walking Dead's recent PaleyFest panel in Los Angeles, the actors responded to the question of whether a peace treaty with The Governor could ever be reached. Here’s their response (via The Huffington Post):

Norman Reedus [Daryl]: "There will be no fucking peace treaty!"
Andrew Lincoln [Rick]: "We hate that guy! Not gonna happen."
Norman Reedus: "I don't think anybody wants to have a peace treaty with anybody. It's us versus them. There's a lot going on; look at all the things that happened to Rick this season, and with Steven's character [Glenn], there's a lot going on with all of us. I don't think there's any ‘let's wave a white flag’ at this point."
Andrew Lincoln: "We're in the middle of a conflict. It's all about getting ready, gearing up for war."
Danai Gurira [Michonne]: "What's very interesting for Michonne is … yes, she wanted to go after The Governor; she went after him, she took his kid, she took his eye. Yes, she wanted to have that moment with Andrea; she let Andrea know that she really messed up, and she's seen that Andrea's heard her. Her warpath isn't as vengeful, right now, it's more about protecting these people. She's exact in her revenge, but she does believe in taking care of this group."

So Team Prison is all for war, and Laurie Holden (Andrea) insists her character is no longer in love with The Gov, she’s just trying to figure out the best way to handle this with minimal bloodshed. But war is coming — and we wish it could just claim The Governor without too many Team Prison casualties, but it sounds like there may be more loss on the “good” side.

Source: The Huffington Post

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