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The Bachelorette

5 Reasons Sarah Herron Should Be The Next Bachelorette

The Bachelor/ette is a never-ending cycle of love journeys, and we can't wait for one of Sean Lowe's future wives to be plucked out of his harem and transported to next season's Bachelorette. If you have your eye on Sarah Herron and her fabulous fashion (duh, she's amazing), check out five reasons we think this beauty queen should be Bachelorette!

1. She's Drop-Dead Gorgeous
Sarah is a blonde bombshell with devastatingly beautiful locks of love, and we're ready for 26 hotties to scamper up her Rapunzel hair. Not only is this sweetheart a looker (the Boyz II Men won't be able to resist!), she has great style. In fact, she's the only one of Sean's contestants that wasn't addicted to glitter. We dare any brosef not to fall in love with her.

2. She's Completely Honest and Genuine
Unlike some people (OMG Tierra, we didn't mean you — please don't hurt us), Sarah doesn't have a manipulative bone in her body. She was on The Bachelor for the right reasons, and had no interest in playing games with the other contestants to win Sean's affection. It's rare to find an honest person in Chris Harrison's lair of love, so girlfriend is definitely a keeper in the ABC family.

3. She Cries at the Drop Of a Hat
The future Bachelorette needs to be super emotionally fragile if she's going to bring in viewers. Need we remind you of how much Emily Maynard cried last season? Her eyes were basically like waterfalls filled with glitter. However, it's also important that the next Bachelorette is willing to bust out her inner backwoods hood rat, and there's no denying that Sarah can be feisty. She's a shoo-in!

4. She's Extra-Ordinary
This is the first season of The Bachelor where ABC has brought in a contestant with a physical disability, and we love that Sarah is so unique. Her story is inspirational, sets her apart from the other contestants, and would show the good ol' USofA that she's no different from anyone else just because she has a physical disadvantage.

5. She Truly Wants to Meet Her Future Hubby
While some contestants on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette just want to get famous (lord knows that's why we apply every year), Sarah was absolutely in it to win Sean's love. This gal wants to find her soulmate, and she deserves absolute happiness. We can't think of a better person to star on Bachelorette!

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03.5.2013 / 07:43 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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