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American Idol

American Idol 2013 Power Rankings: Season 12 Top 10 Girls!

American Idol 2013’s Season 12 Top 20 were revealed last night and this group is a doozie. The talent, particularly among the female singers, has reached epic proportions. Still, we feel that a definitely hierarchy has already begun to form among the girls. So take a look at what we see as the power rankings for the 2013 American Idol Top 10 girls for season 12:

10. Tenna Torres — While she will forever live in infamy as the girl who made Mariah Carey cry during her initial audition, the judges weren’t falling all over themselves in adoration of her like they did over some of the other girls.

9. Janelle Arthur — While we initially predicted this country girl could win it all, she lost her pizazz in this past week’s performance. We’ll see if she can move up the ranks this week.

8. Aubrey Cleland — This West Linn, Oregon, hopeful just may be the prettiest girl ever to sing on American Idol, but Nicki Minaj seemed to be the only judge who was truly over the moon for her.

7. Candice Glover — Candice has been impressing the judges since her initial audition, but this past week she seemed to have lost some of her star power.

6. Amber Holcomb — This gal is a tough one to rank, as her performance of “My Funny Valentine” really impressed the judges but, as Keith Urban said, she may have trouble conveying her inner shine to the audience.

5. Adriana Latonio — We’re just not quite sure about this gal yet. The tiny Filipina knocked it out of the park with her Las Vegas performance, but we need to see another performance or two from her to know where she stands for sure.

4. Breanna Steer — This exotic beauty from Laplace, Louisiana came out of nowhere to impress with her super sassy rendition of “Bust Your Windows”. Nicki thinks she could be a star TODAY.

3. Zoanette Johnson — We’re not quite sure this extroverted girl has the best voice, but the judges love her creativity and unpredictability — she’s a true wild card.

2. Kree Harrison — As Nicki said of this country singer, “That’s the voice.” There are no gimmicks or crazy dance moves. She just gets up there and sings from the heart, and the judges love that.

1. Angela Miller — From the very beginning we have said this girl would win it all, and we’re sticking by our prediction. The beautiful singer is as consistent as they come, and the original number she performed in Hollywood Week was one of the most memorable moments in the show’s 12 seasons.

03.5.2013 / 07:30 PM EDT by Marnie Brodersen
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