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The Bachelor

AshLee Frazier Confronts Sean Lowe: “You Had No Feelings for Them”

The Bachelor Season 17 “Women Tell All” was the usual delightful schadenfreude of revisited heartbreak, delusional crazy, and awkward confrontations. After Tierra LiCausi and her newly-smooth forehead evacuated the hot seat, AshLee Frazier and her newly-blonde hair took the opportunity to face off with Sean Lowe. After a cordial exchange of pleasantries (“You’ve changed your hair — it looks beautiful”), AshLee dropped a bomb on the entire episode, accusing Sean of telling her he had zero feelings for Catherine Giudici or Lindsay Yenter.

“It killed me to say goodbye to you, and it hurt me even worse to see you leave the way you did,” Sean explained in his darling Southern drawl, adding that he was in AshLee’s exact shoes on The Bachelorette Season 8 when Emily Maynard eliminated him in Curacao. “Only on the Bachelor are you going to develop three relationships at one time,” Sean said, seeming flabbergasted by AshLee’s accusation. “Then why did you say that you had absolutely no feelings for them?” AshLee countered explosively. Then this super-awkward exchange happened:

Sean: “I didn’t say that. I had absolutely no feelings for the other two women?”
AshLee: “Twice, you didn’t say that?”
Sean: “I didn’t and I wouldn’t say that. I understand why you’re hurt, I’ve been in your shoes. But the fact remains, I just didn’t say that.”
AshLee: “Do you think I would make up something like that? I take that back, what was said was “There’s absolutely nothing between those two.’ I mean, I’m not making that up so.....”
[seemingly endless awkward silence]
AshLee: “I wish you nothing but the best, really honestly.”
Sean: “For the record, I’m not agreeing with that.”
Chris Harrison: “I’m not sure if this helped or hurt, but I’m glad you two finally got to have this talk.”

Classic Chris, always trying to shine a bright light of brevity on an otherwise stilted moment. What do you think? Do you believe that Sean told AshLee he didn’t have feelings for the other two girls? Or, do you think AshLee’s just trying to blindside him and appear like the sweetheart in the public eye?