Bachelor Women Tell All: Sean and AshLee’s “Heated Confrontation”!
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The Bachelor

Bachelor Women Tell All: Sean and AshLee’s “Heated Confrontation”!

How excited are you about The Bachelor's Women Tell All special? This epic two-hour love fest goes down TONIGHT at 8pm on ABC and promises to be non-stop dramatic –– at least according to Bachelor Nation's resident brothel-master, Chris Harrison. This magnanimous fellow says that fans can expect an explosive conversation between AshLee Frazier and Sean Lowe, who will come face-to-face for the first time since her supes awkward rejection in Thailand.

"She was pissed," Chris tells E!. "As you will find out [tonight], I think in her mind, her perception was that things were said and talked about and promised. She not only thought that she was the one, but definitely getting a rose, and when all that was kind of ripped out from under her, I think she was really taken aback....You'll see it in Women Tell All where they'll have it out. I mean, she's over him but yet she still has some of that anger and bitterness, so it really led to an interesting and heated confrontation."

Bachelor Women Tell All: Sean and AshLee’s “Heated Confrontation”!
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Meanwhile, a newly engaged Tierra LiCausi will take the stage — but Chris says she's less than forthcoming about the new man in her life. "She was really weird and sketchy about it," Chris says. "She wore a ring that was a big ol' rock so it was obvious that it was there, but then all of a sudden she was kind of hesitant to talk about him and it. At one point I asked her, 'When did you get engaged?' and she didn't answer. And I'm like, 'Is that a secret? Is that part of her endgame? Am I missing some part of the story? Is he a murderer and on the run and you can't talk about him?'"

Um, we live in hope. We're just happy Tierra has found someone who isn't trying to steal her sparkle — though after what happened last time they faced off, we're slightly worried about her being in the same room as AshLee during Women Tell All. Hopefully, Tierra's eyebrow won't pop out of her head and shiv anyone.

Source: E!