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Jersey Shore

Deena Nicole Stops Drinking and Wants to Lose Five Pounds! (PHOTO)

It may be difficult to picture our girl Deena Nicole as anything but a partying meatball. She certainly made use of her time on Jersey Shore by having wild, drunken times with her BFF Snooki (and then plenty of other pals when Snooks was pregnant).

But now that the show is over and Deena’s settling down with her adorable boyfriend Chris, her 24-hour bingers are thankfully over. We loved watching Deena’s hilarious antics at the Shore, but knew she had to slow down for her health and well-being after she was arrested for public intoxication.

Good news, Deena fans! Our girl has been cutting down on the booze lately — even Instagramming a hangover pic saying, “This is why I don’t drink anymore” recently — and decided to take it to the next level, deciding not to drink at all anymore! But there’s a catch.

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In an Instagrammed text message conversation between her and her girlfriend Mallory, Deena revealed she’s “not drinking for the rest of the month,” citing her friend Nikki as inspiration for losing five pounds after losing the alcohol.

Her friend was more than supportive, telling her she’d do it with her as motivation, and though we agree that Deena certainly does not need to lose any weight — she’s been looking super svelte and sexy lately, after all! — we understand her wanting to be bikini-ready for her big trip to Aruba! Plus, to quote Deena, “True friends don’t let you NOT drink alone.” In this case, she won’t be not drinking alone, either!

Are you surprised that Deena’s cutting back on the drinking? Tell us below!

03.5.2013 / 02:30 AM EDT by Julia Lynn Rubin
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