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Teen Mom

Did Leah and Corey Get Back Together?

During Teen Mom 2's emotional Season 3 reunion on Feb. 11, we watched Leah Messer Calvert and her baby daddy Corey Simms tearfully talk about the state of their relationship. At the start of Season 4, Leah's still conflicted about her feelings for Corey and even considering leaving her fiancé Jeremy Calvert — but did Leah and Corey ever end up reconciling?

We hate to disappoint all you Leah and Corey fans, but this couple is so over, and they’re never ever getting back together … as far as we know.

Even though Leah was initially against getting a divorce from Corey, she has since married Jeremy and they just welcomed a new baby girl on Feb. 4 (sadly, she miscarried back in January 2012). Girlfriend rebounds fast!

But Corey isn’t exactly going solo in his trailer either. Ali and Aleeah’s dad is engaged blonde beauty, Miranda Patterson, and he’s even happy for his ex and her new boo.

Props to Corey for being such a good sport!

Were you holding out hope that Leah and Corey would reunite?