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Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey Season 4 Spoilers: Meet Lady Mary’s New Boyfriend!

UPDATE 2: Tom Cullen IS Lady Mary's next boyfriend! Maybe they were just waiting for the right "Tom" to cast? Read more on the right and wrong Toms below.

Apparently Tom Ellis is NOT Lady Mary's next boyfriend, since he reportedly landed a role in the ABC horror pilot Gothica. Oh well.

We're not ready to move on yet! But it's going to happen. Downton Abbey Season 3 ended with the shocking death of Matthew Crawley, leaving new mom Lady Mary a widow.

It's already been spoiled that Mary will be getting a new boyfriend — Lord Anthony Gillingham — on Season 4, which will focus heavily on Life After Matthew. There will be a six-month time jump between Seasons 3 and 4, so it's not like Mary will have a new man just a month or two after Matthew's death. It's not even clear when her new man will arrive, or when they'll start getting romantic. It could be closer to a year after Matthew's death, considering how quickly the show's timeframe works.

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Whenever he arrives, TVLine previously said the show was looking for an easy-on-the-eyes actor in his 30s to play Lord Gillingham.

According to the site, "From what we gather, her would-be suitor is not only a looker, he also has a winning personality. (So winning, in fact, that there’s already talk that he could return for Season 5!)"

According to The Sun, Welsh actor Tom Ellis, 34, auditioned for the part of Lady Mary's new man and producers shortlisted him for the role. He's known from the BBC soap opera EastEnders and currently stars in the comedy Miranda.

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However, it was later revealed by PBS that 27-year-old Welsh actor Tom Cullen had been cast as Lord Gillingham, described as "an old family friend of the Crawleys who visits the family as a guest for a house party." So he's The One.

What do you think? At least he's not a new guy that Mary just immediately falls for. It sounds like she already knew him and maybe they just fall into romance after years of friendship.

Sadly, Downton Abbey Season 4 won’t premiere in the U.S. until next year — but do you think Lord G might have potential? Or are you so upset about Matthew that you can’t even imagine Mary moving on?

Sources: The Sun, PBS

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