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Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time Season 2, Episode 15 Burning Questions: Will Snow Kill Cora?

We love all of Once Upon a Time’s many, many mysteries, but sometimes it seems like each episode introduces more questions than answers. To that end, we’ve tackled the 10 biggest questions from this week’s episode in order to make sense of everything that happened. Will Snow kill Cora? Is Neal also Peter Pan? Does Rumple have a plan to kill Henry?

Here are 10 questions from Season 2, Episode 15: “The Queen Is Dead.”

1. Did Snow and Charming find a fake dagger?
It’s not really Gold’s style to give away his prized possession all willy-nilly — particularly his dagger, which is his most prized possession. So we’re wondering if the dagger found in the clock was some sort of decoy, meaning Regina and Cora don’t have the real deal. You can never underestimate Gold’s ability to deceive people.

2. Is Neal also Peter Pan?
We got some big clues regarding Neal’s other possible identity, as he appears to have spent time in Neverland and can steer a ship. We’d heard from producers that we wouldn’t be meeting Peter Pan this season, but might they have changed their minds? Or maybe Neal is a Lost Boy who will later introduce us to Peter? If only we could hear Neal crow to know for sure.

3. Who is Tamara?
It was a bummer to learn Neal is currently engaged, since we kinda want him to start cuddling with Emma already. Does this mean Emma will soon “hook” up with Hook instead of Neal? And now that we’ve met Neal’s fiancee Tamara, we’re wondering if she has another identity. Is she someone Neal met in Neverland — like Wendy or Tinkerbell? This show can never have too many fairies.

4. Will we see that candle again?
Snow’s tiara popped up at Gold’s shop before Johanna purchased it, so we wonder if the same might happen to to the creepy candle that the “Blue Fairy” — aka Cora — offered to young Snow in this week’s flashback. It certainly would be nice to have the candle to, say, save Gold’s life and snuff out Cora’s. Either way, this is one candle you won’t find for sale at Target.

5. How did Hook find Rumple?
Gold’s whereabouts aren’t something you can pinpoint by just asking your GPS, so we’re curious as to how Hook managed to track down Gold in NYC in order to stab him with his poisoned hook. Still, Hook is certainly adept at tracking things down — as his handiwork with maps proves — so maybe he’s better at finding crocodiles than we give him credit for.

Credit: Jack Rowand/ABC    

6. Will Rumple’s injury bring him closer to Belle?
We are not happy about show keeping Gold and Belle apart for so long — seriously, that’s not okay. And while we’re concerned for Gold’s well-being after that not-too-pleasant encounter with Hook, we’re hoping Gold might spend some time in the hospital, which will give him time to bond with Belle. If nothing else, maybe Gold’s wound will cause Belle to show a bit more sympathy for him. Chicks dig guys with scars, right?

7. Where is Greg?
We understand that the show has a lot of storylines to juggle, but it’s hard to care about newcomer Greg Mendell’s plans when the show kinda seems to be forgetting about him. Will he indeed be conspiring with Belle — and might he have another identity — or will his storyline not amount to much? Frankly, we want Belle to stop chatting with Greg and start reconnecting with Rumple!

8. Does Gold still have plans to hurt Henry?
Okay, so we weren’t too pleased about Henry and his sass when he chides Emma for lying about Neal. Still, we would hate for Gold to harm Henry, which we’re still worried might happen, since Gold appears to be blaming Henry for his recent spate of bad luck. Let’s hope Henry does something soon to change Gold’s mind.

9. Will Snow kill Cora?
We see in this week’s flashbacks that Snow was not always such a goody-goody — and then we get hints at the end of the episode that Snow is done with doing the right thing. Still, can she actually go through with killing Cora, as she claims she will? Let’s hope she can pull it off, although killing Cora is probably not going to be a walk in the park — or even a walk in the magical woods.

10. Who dies next week?
We’re freaking out from the suspense of who will be keeling over next week. Gold has been stabbed, and his wound is looking pretty bad, so will he not make it? It’s hard to imagine the show killing off Gold, but you never know. However, it’s more likely that a minor but still beloved character might get the axe instead. (Translation: Be extra careful in the mines, Leroy!)

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