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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars’ Most Shocking Deaths Ever: Toby, Maya and More!

Pretty Little Liars currently has plenty of characters who appear so infrequently that they feel like they’ve died (where’d you go, Mike Montgomery?). But even sadder are the characters who actually have passed and made their way to a better place which could basically be anyplace besides Rosewood, since it’s the worst town ever.

With that in mind, we’ve rounded up the five (okay, fine six) deaths that caught us completely by surprise and ended up changing things for our Liars. Rest in peace, all of you even if we’re glad you’re dead. (Yes, Nate, we’re looking at you.)

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5. Ian Thomas / Lyndon James (aka Nate)
To start off the list, we have a tie, as both of these villainous characters died while trying to harm one of our Liars (how dare they!). We weren’t particularly crestfallen to see either Ian or Nate go, although we’re still curious as to which “A” team member saved Spencer in the bell tower. Also, we’re guessing Nate regrets wearing those shoes with the yellow paint on them. Oops.

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4. Garrett Reynolds
Garrett wasn’t a guy we were rooting for — how could you hook up with him, Melissa? — but we did feel for him during his last moments on the Halloween train, as he finally told Spencer what he knew about Ali’s death. Seeing his corpse next to Aria in the coffin was certainly creepy, but given that his storyline had run its course, it also wasn’t the worst thing in the world.

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3. Alison DiLaurentis
Okay, this death might not have been too surprising, considering the entire show is based around it. Still, the pilot’s first scenes make Ali’s death quite startling, especially since so many mysteries still surround it. Also adding to the intrigue is the fact that Ali has visited all the Liars and might not actually be dead. Leave it to Ali to have the most attention-grabbing death ever.

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2. Toby Cavanaugh
Is Toby even dead? Well, he certainly deserves a spot on this list for now, since we’re led to believe he’s a goner — which came entirely out of the blue. Up until his “death,” Toby had seemed to be thriving as a member of the “A” team, so we’re not sure who might have killed him or why he was lying in the woods with bloody hands. So much for being “free at last.”

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1. Maya St. Germain
Yes, we still well up with tears at the mere thought of how emotional Emily gets when her mom tells her Maya’s body has been found. And while there had been hints that Maya was up to no good prior to her death, it was still stunning for her to actually be gone for good. Maya and Emily were kinda perfect together, so Maya’s death is a heartbreaking loss.

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