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Revolution Spoilers: Cast and Crew Spill Plot Details for New Episodes

With Revolution returning from a four-month break in only a few weeks’ time, it’s time to get answers to our most burning questions!

Luckily, Wetpaint Entertainment was at PaleyFest yesterday, March 3, to needle the cast and crew for answers. Here’s the scoop about the ever-changing alliances, tenuous relationships, and shifts in power in the otherwise power-less drama — starting with creator Eric Kripke.

Wetpaint Entertainment: What's going to happen with Monroe and Miles?
Revolution creator Eric Kripke: They are enemies — but basically they are really close and love each other. They really hurt each other in Episode 10. Coming off that, the action in the second part of the season, Monroe is really hurt. That his own brother, in quotes, abandoned him. He lashes out. He hits hard and directly at Miles. Miles responds by escalating from there. It's like this race to the bottom where each has to be more vicious to the other. It keeps getting worse, and the battles more intense and personal. What matters most is how much they're hurt by each other. At the end of the day, it's a Cain and Abel story at the heart of it. That's what keeps it emotional.

JD Pardo

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Wetpaint Entertainment: You've been beaten up a lot.
JD Pardo (Nate): I think it's safe to say I will get beaten up a couple more times. It's a hard life on that show — anyone can go at any minute.

Like The Walking Dead.
It really is. The stakes are high — Monroe has power now. It's not easy, and it's not going to be an easy road for Jason.

Does he want to go to California?
I think he wants to stay with the girl. There is something about Charlie that really gets him. It's a truth that he doesn't have with his father. It's why he's so conflicted with what's going on. He wants to stay.

What keeps him going?
I think he seeks approval from his father. Which I think a lot of men do before they start becoming their own: a situation where he gets conviction and decides to become his own man through [his] own choices and decisions. But he's definitely wanting to get his father's approval and have a sense of family. I can't imagine as a boy having that sense of family and it being lost. And his father changed. So there is definitely a hole.

Giancarlo Esposito

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Wetpaint Entertainment: How do you play your bad guy?
Giancarlo Esposito (Tom Neville): I try to play it straight. The guy is strong, he has been trained, he knows what he's doing. I think there is resentment in Tom Neville for Monroe because he has to be subservient to him, yet he knows he can probably do it better. So that creates the situation of, Who do I follow? I'm the ultimate soldier. I will follow orders to the death. But I acknowledge that you're a little erratic, a little vengeful, you're unpredictable. And that doesn't make a good leader. So it makes Tom Neville be very wary of what he says to Monroe. But it also allows him to be hyper-vigilant and even a better soldier. And look for opportunities that might be more suitable for his energies.

Tom’s relationship with wife Julia, Kim Raver's character, seems tenuous.
At present, it's somewhat livable — I don't know if it's harmonious. I think maybe the reason why there is a little tension there is because I resent that she loves Jason more than she loves me. And that's a problem. Sort of how someone feels when they're having a child and the attention goes from them to the first child. They feel like they lost their wife.

Is your son going to California?
If I can help it, he won't go out to California because those really are heathens out there, and he will die. I'm trying to help save his life. Even if he doesn't want me to.
There are new things happening. The Republic is growing. I don't know if he will be in Philadelphia, if that's the case, either.

Tracy Spiridakos

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Wetpaint Entertainment: Where does your character get her drive?
Tracy Spiridakos (Charlie Matheson): Well, the whole time it's been the drive to rescue her brother. Now they've got Danny back, this evolves into a whole new driving force for her. It's more about setting things straight. It's the good guys versus the bad guys. We delve into the “revolution” aspect of it. Charlie finds her own motivation in that. I don't want to tease too much. But she finds her own motivation for that journey.

Can we switch loyalties with Charlie?
I think, with Charlie, what you're going to see in the second half is she's struggling with, is she going to be able to keep her humanity through everything that's going on? She dips into some things that she has never done before. She's scared that she might not be able to find that balance. So yeah, you'll see some stuff that you've never seen before. She comes from a place of being naive, trusting the wrong people, and she grows into this warrior. That comes out very much in the second half.

Billy Burke

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Wetpaint Entertainment: What is the brothers’ relationship like going forward?
Billy Burke (Miles Matheson): We're going to get into some of the history and details that I had not known about before. The fight now — besides being personal between them — has become Miles's personality put upon the people he is with and Monroe put upon the people he is with. The intensity comes together in a big melting pot of grossness. It's going to great.

Are they going to be friends?
Despite all the animosity, they still have great love for each other for some reason.

What about the love story with Daniella's character?
We are going to see more of it, yes. That's about all I can say.

How do the characters eat on the show?
We talk about it all the time, as a matter of fact. If you go back to an episode, not sure which it is, there’s me eating, like, a dried fig or beef jerky or something. We always try to push to get more of that in there. People eat like they did before there was power.

Revolution returns Monday, March 25, at 10 p.m. ET on NBC.

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