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The Bachelor

Sarah Herron Tears Up at Women Tell All: “I Thought We Had Something”

In The Bachelor Season 17 “Women Tell All” special, airing Monday, March 4, 2013, on ABC, Sarah Herron returns to articulately bare her soul on national television. The gorgeous advertising exec, who was born with one arm, breaks down in tears while chatting with host Chris Harrison. "It's the worst to be told you're great, but you're not good enough for me,” Sarah tearfully explains, reliving her breakup with Bachelor Sean Lowe. "I put that wall down for him. He had seen me in a more vulnerable state than I think I've ever let anybody see me," she says. "I've cried and talked about things with him that I don't talk to with my best friends about. I thought we had something else."

Tune in tonight at 8pm PT/ET, 7pm CT to watch the drama unfold!