Jersey Shore

Snooki Gets a Gorgeous Makeunder: Check Out Her New Look! (PHOTOS)

The Snooki we know and love is obsessed with big fake eyelashes, leopard print, and self-tanner, but underneath it all, she’s just a beautiful new mom who likes to lounge around in PJs with her son, Lorenzo.

While the Jersey Shore guidette typically goes big and bold with her photoshoot looks, the newly-launched xoVain (brought to you by the amazing people at xoJane) got her to strip down to her gorgeous bare face for an intimate photoshoot, and though we are a little distracted by the vintage wedding dress she’s wearing, it’s her au naturel look that really wows.

Oh, and as a bonus fun fact, this is the “scary ass warehouse” that Snooki referenced back in January. Sadly, the lion head and motorcycle didn’t make the final shots.

Check out the photos to see her natural look, and then hit the comments with your reactions!