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Teen Mom

Courtland Rogers Claims He’s in Touch With Jenelle Evans — Is He Lying?

Guys, we're so worried about Courtland Rogers, aka the wayward husband of Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans. These two have been seperated for about a month, and as far as we know Jenelle's had almost zero contact with her man — especially since she filed assault charges against him! But now that Jenelley's in rehab, Courtland has been reaching out nonstop … and having imaginary conversations with her on Twitter. We know, fear.

Jenelle doesn't have access to social media while in rehab, so it's slightly confusing that Courtland's been tweeting her. And the real kicker? He's under the impression that they're back together. "Either way sweetpea...ima b watching it for u ;)" Courtland tweeted Jenelle during Teen Mom 2 on March 4. "like i promised....goodnight wifey ...muahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh."

First of all, high five to Courty for perfecting an Internet kiss. But what's the deal — is Courtland actually communicating with Jenelle, or is he just chatting to himself?

According to Jenelle's Facebook moderator, Kristin Ann, dude is living in a fantasy land. "Jenelle can't stand you," Kristin tweeted to Courtland on March 4. "The only reason ur tweeting her if bc she can't say anything back and u want attention."

Courtland claims he has "proof" that Jenelle is contacting him from rehab, but who knows what to believe in these sinister Ugg-less times. All we know is that Olive Garden is our safe place. Bye-bye while we pray to the Alfredo lords.