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The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries Speculation: Who’s Elena Fighting With?

If you’ve seen the synopsis for The Vampire Diaries Season 4, Episode 16, “Bring It On,” then you know that title might have nothing to do with Elena (Nina Dobrev) reclaiming her cheerleading past.

Sure, the new vampire picks up her pom poms again, but in addition to the rah-rahing and feeding on rivals, Elena is also throwing a party.

Frankly, we think throwing a high school party is a terrible idea. Inevitably, someone breaks your mom’s bust of Elvis or spills red wine on her suede outfit and you have to come up with the cash to replace it. We’ve seen it a million times (on reruns of Saved by the Bell).

Luckily, the kids of Mystic Falls don’t have to worry about things that. Their main concern is not getting seriously injured by one of their supernatural classmates. According to the episode synopsis, someone should definitely be concerned: Elena gets into an “ugly fight” at her own bash.

It could just be some random, innocent Mystic Falls student, but what if the baby bloodsucker gets into it with one of her own crew? Look at this picture of Caroline (Candice Accola). Something certainly has Vampire Barbie fuming.

She and Elena have been sparring all season, ever since they discovered the newbie is sired to Damon (Ian Somerhalder). While Elena insists her feelings for the elder Salvatore are real, Caroline, a clear Stelena ‘shipper, thinks her friend has been brainwashed by the bond. And now that Blondie’s bestie has turned off her emotions, it seems like the gulf between them might widen.

“You’re feeding on the competition?” a stunned Caroline asks Elena in the promo video. The in-control vampire clearly disapproves.

But we love Car and Elena’s friendship, so this is one theory we definitely hope will be debunked!

03.5.2013 / 05:32 AM EDT by Jenny McGrath
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