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The Bachelor

Tierra LiCausi’s Brother Confirms: “Yes, She’s Engaged!”— Exclusive

One thing you can’t deny about Tierra LiCausi, she knows how to create controversy — both onscreen and off. In early February, just two months after returning home from filming The Bachelor Season 17, the Denver native posted a photo of her left hand sporting a massive engagement ring. Did Sean Lowe give it to her? Was she engaged to someone else already? Rumors immediately started flying, with no clear answer in sight.

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Until now, that is. Speaking exclusively with Wetpaint Entertainment Tierra’s older brother, 29-year-old Tyler LiCausi, sets the record straight.

“Yes, she’s really engaged,” Tyler tells Wetpaint. “We’re all really happy about it.” Okay, but to whom? “I’m not sure he wants his name out there just yet,” says Tyler, “but I can tell you about him and how everything happened.”

We’re all ears!

“It’s someone she had been seeing before the show. They’ve known each other three or four years and have been dating most of that time,” Tyler explains. “They were even living together in Vegas and Tierra was, at one point, working for his family’s business.”

“Unfortunately, they had a bad breakup,” Tyler continues. “When that happened, she moved back here to Denver and signed up to go on The Bachelor. Right after she left to film, though, he had a huge change of heart and wanted to get her back. The only problem was he couldn’t reach her. Her phone was turned off. He kept trying and trying, but he couldn’t get ahold of her. That’s when he called my parents, who told him what she was doing.”

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“When he found out she was filming The Bachelor, he did everything he could to try to get to her. He even called ABC to find out where she was filming so he could fly there. He was literally on his way to St. Croix the day he finally reached her. It turns out, that was the exact same day Sean let her go. When Tierra got to the St. Croix airport, she was given her phone back. She turned it on and the first call she got was him — telling Tierra he was on his way. She told him not to come, that she was on her way home to Denver. So instead of flying to St. Croix from Las Vegas, he flew to Colorado.”

“That was in November,” says Tyler. “They’ve been together ever since. He proposed in January. He picked up his whole life to move here for her. He has an apartment in Denver and they’re doing great.”

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“The ring,” Tyler adds, “is kind of insane. The main stone is a four-carat yellow diamond and it’s surrounded by a set of white diamonds. Tierra loves it.”

How does the rest of the family feel?

“We’re really happy it all worked out,” Tyler concludes, adding the family was “bummed out” when Tierra and her now-fiance broke up the first time. “We like him a lot and we just want Tierra to be happy.”

So even though she didn’t win Sean’s heart, it sounds like she got her fairytale ending after all. And it’s much, much more romantic than we ever expected.

Congrats, Tierra!