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Vanderpump Rules Reunion: Stassi Once Broke Jax’s Nose

We expected a lot of revelations to come out of the Vanderpump Rules Season 1 reunion, but the fact that Jax and Stassi’s relationship once got physical was pretty shocking.

Host Andy Cohen sat down with the SUR staff and Lisa Vanderpump to talk about the first season of the show. Naturally, the tumultuous relationship between the on-again, off-again Jax and Stassi was a big topic of conversation. Andy wanted to know if the former couple’s fights ever got physical.

There was a pause before Jax admitted, “She busted my nose” when they were visiting Chicago. Stassi broke in to ask if he deserved it. “I deserve it all,” Jax said.

The two began recounting the tale, talking over each other. “It was the most traumatizing thing of my life,” said Stassi, but neither explained what caused the physical altercation. Jax insisted that it was funny and seemed more upset about his blood-stained Michael Kors sweater than anything else.

Later, Stassi admitted that she had been seeing bartender Frank for a few days before breaking up with Jax. Despite some of the rumors the other servers had heard, Stassi insisted nothing physical happened until she and Jax were officially broken up. “There was some emotional cheating there, I will admit that,” said Stassi.

Despite everything the exes admitted, Stassi wouldn’t say she’d never get back together with Jax. The bartender said he’s still in love with her.