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Vanderpump Rules Spoilers: Jax Still Hopes to Reconcile With Stassi

In Vanderpump Rules spoilers for the reunion show on Monday night, Jax Taylor says he still hopes there might be a chance of getting back with ex-girlfriend Stassi Schroeder.

Jax and Stassi were well on their way to a reconciliation in the last episode of Vanderpump Rules Season 1. Right when he was starting to get back into Stassi’s good graces, Jax decided he needed to finally come clean about cheating on her with a girl in Vegas.

Of course, learning Jax really did cheat on her while they were together, despite telling her and everyone else repeatedly that he hadn’t, outraged Stassi. His confession, rather than clearing the air, put a hard stop on any possibility of the two getting back together anytime soon.

In the Vanderpump Rules reunion special, host Andy Cohen asks Jax if he thinks he still has any chance of winning Stassi back after all that’s happened. “She’s the woman I want to be with,” Jax says. “As of right now, I hope so.”

When asked by Andy if there was any hope of a future between her and Jax, Stassi says, “I don’t ever say no to anything. I don’t know. It would take a lot... a lot.”

In response, Jax says it is “tough to sleep at night, it really is. I miss her ridiculously. My heart is still with her.” No matter what has happened or what Stassi says, Jax says he loves her and he is not willing to give up or start fighting for her.

How does Stassi feel about Jax? Does she still love him? The SUR waitress and Vanderpump Rules star says she will always love him and she doesn’t think she’ll ever meet anyone like him. “We had something, as f**ked up as it was, something insanely special. We’re like the same person, except for the lying part.”