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Who Should Rayna Jaymes Date Now? 5 Celeb Picks for the Country Star

The time has come for Rayna (Connie Britton) to throw caution to the wind, unbridle her passions, and have an A-List Hollywood hookup. Rayna's divorce from Teddy "Worst Mayor Ever" Conrad (Eric Close) has already been in the tabloids for what — two days? Which means she's way overdue for a rebound. And no, eye-sexing Deacon Claybourne (Charles Esten) while he flies into a sober bender does not count. Nor does nearly hitting it with Liam McGuinness (Michiel Huisman) on a toilet seat, FTR.

We're thinking Rayna should hitch her lady wagon to one of Hollywood's biggest stars, and we've rounded up the music industry's sexiest singles for her to choose from!

1. Kenny Chesney

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Rayna and Kenny are already BFFs in imaginary Nashville Land (we assume), and he'd do an A+ job rattlin' her spurs. Which is our new Southern euphemism for doing it. Of course, Kenny is permanently affixed to his cowboy hat, so hopefully Rayna has a few undiscovered sartorial fetishes.

2. Johnny Depp

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Johnny is world famous for his acting chops (and the fact that he has a "Wino Forever" tattoo), but spoiler alert: dude is in a band. And as we all know, Rayna will pretty much date anyone who knows how to pluck at her proverbial heart strings. Plus, if Rayna hooks up with Johnny, she'll become even more famous! Sure, her kids might be traumatized, but whatever. They can just knit themselves some Hufflepuff House scarves and deal.

3. Adam Levine

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Adam might be slightly young for Rayna, but his body is basically an unexplored cavern of hunkiness that has yet to be mined by a cougar, and Rayna could teach him so much. You know, about things like how to properly wear a fedora, and how to make love in a dirty bathroom. Although, lord knows that after a couple months dating Rayna this poor dude will have Moves Like Deacon instead of Moves Like Jagger.

4. John Mayer

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Yes, he's kinda-sorta dating Katy Perry, but we think John would be a great rebound for our favorite country music legend. Need we remind you that A) he loves nothing more than hanging and banging with various songstresses, and B) his body is a wonderland? Oh, and once Rayna rejects John, she'll have one more reason to bond with Taylor Swift. Really, it's a win-win.

5. Bruce Willis

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We know, this idea is completely terrifying. But he's single, he's in a band, and he's age-appropriate. Let's just hope Rayna doesn't come out of their rebound with an addiction to whippits. Not to be confused with whippets, the adorable puppies.

Who do you think Rayna should go on the rebound with? Hit the comments, y’all!

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