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The Bachelor

Chris Harrison’s Bachelor Blog: Sean and Desiree Still Have a Spark

Bachelor host Chris Harrison is pretty much our personal therapist, and this week he treated Sean Lowe's wilted Season 17 cast-offs to a group session in which they talked about their feelings, confronted their emotions, and (presumably) self-medicated with wine. But despite Chris' calming presence, a lot of harsh words were thrown around at the “Women Tell All” special — especially when it came to Tierra LiCausi.

"I felt like I was very fair with Tierra and let her try to explain her side before bringing the ladies in," Chris writes in his Entertainment Weekly Bachelor Blog. "At the end of our talk she came up with an apology and seemed to take a little responsibility for her actions. You could tell, though, she definitely still considers herself the victim here... Tierra didn’t seem to really evolve and learn from this experience."

Yeah, yeah, Chris was trying to be fair — but he isn't exactly one to hide his opinion. In fact, he made it abundantly clear that he thinks Sean and Desiree Hartsock were a match made in heaven! “When they looked at each other on set at The Women Tell All, both of their faces lit up like it did on the show, Chris says. “ I think Sean has done exactly what’s right for him, but it’s just hard to deny what I see between these two.”

In other news, Chris was shocked by AshLee Frazier's accusations against Sean. Did Seany really tell Ash that he didn't have feelings for Catherine Giudici and Lindsay Yenter? "How can you possibly explain to somebody you care about how you are also falling in love with two other women?" Chris says. "Sean obviously loved a lot of things about AshLee so it’s not like he wasn’t being sincere. But in the end he just loved more things about Lindsay and Catherine and saw more of a future with them than he did with AshLee... As far as what was really said in the fantasy suite, I honestly have no idea."

Please, we all know Chris hides behind the curtains and peeps on the entire fantasy suite experience. You aren't fooling anyone, friend.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

03.6.2013 / 01:30 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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